Thursday, June 19, 2008

Water Fun!

What fun! Aunt Cindy brought Abigail and Chloe over to play with Addison and Kate. Since they all have or have been continually exposed to the hand-foot-mouth virus, we figured they might as well hang out together.

Addison and Chloe were the nudists in the group. For a boy who is used to wearing layers of clothing, he's adjusting to Florida nicely. I think he is having a difficult time with the concept of bathtub vs. swimming pool. We've been in the pool a couple of times and each time he refuses to go in with his swim trunks on. He genuinely looks at me like I'm a nut (which I am, but not for that reason). Oh well, more blackmail photos for me.

Abigail and Kate were a bit more modest, with Abigail being the traditionalist in the group, actually wearing a bathing suit. (Kate had a suit on when we were in the pool, but stripped down to a diaper when we were just playing with the water buckets.) Since Abigail has learned the words "penis" and "vagina" and likes to use them loudly and regularly in public places, I was rather surprised that she held back today. ;)

Once inside, three of the kids competed for Kate's plasma car. They compromised by each forcing their way onto it, one by one. The last one was Addison, who decided to take the driver's seat. Yes, we are learning more and more about his personality every day. He's definitely going to be the one leading the pack into trouble.... (The one not on Kate's car? Kate. Go figure.)

Despite feeling miserable health-wise (I guess you can be around sick kids only so long before folding.), it was such a great morning. Watching the kids play, knowing that our families are so blessed, and being able to share this with such a good friend -- well, what could be better?


Karen M said...

What fun!!

Snowflowers Mum said...

they are supercuties! love the no trunks in the pool thing....he's going to be fun bobby!

The Lewises said...

What fun!! A little nudity never hurt anyone! My kids are heading in that direction anyway. but we can't trust David in the pool yet. :) BTW, Emily still wants to marry Addison. I have the feeling she'll have to get in line behind the Bolton girls! :) Caroline