Sunday, June 01, 2008



Todays beer reviews are of very special style beer or maybe a malt liquor drinks.

There are two a lycee beer and a pineapple beer.

Let's start with the Pineapple beer. Well to me personally it tasted like sh** but to a pineapple lover they would drink this up. It is, from my vast understanding of Chinese symbols atleast 6% acholhol, all Chinese beer is higher in acholhol. Sort of sweet but not. I think it would sell great in Florida.

Alright Lychee beer. It looks like sqiurt, clear and bubbly. Sweet like a Chinese Zima or as Melissa said a dessert beer.

This is a very refreshing beer and would be great on a sunny day at the beach for a refershment.

More later, leave a comment and have a cold one.



Kathy said...

I would prefer a pina coloda beer. Actually I liked the regular chinese beers when we were there. Nothing beats the snake whiskey, Melissa had on the river. Keith
PS The baby looks comfortable with you Scott. He is in good hands.

Anonymous said...

So, let me see if I have gotten this correctly... there is "ok" beer and there is excellent beer but no BAD beer? I like to keep these things straight!

~ Judi

The Lewises said...

Ooh, I'd like to try the Lychee Beer, Scott! Sounds yummy. Hey, if you're at the White Swan, try the Cantonese restaurant on the 2nd floor (?) above the waterfall. It's awesome and there's an English menu. No fried sea worm unless you want it! We're so glad Addison loves his daddy. :) Caroline