Sunday, June 01, 2008



Hey Daniel I got your prayer beeds a real buddist temple (wow costly. but cool no photo already packed).

Here is a photo of Adians Chinese outfit, in silk of course. It probully is too big but we went that way not a lot size choices better too big I guess.

Later leave a comment and have a cold one.


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Anonymous said...

cool beer segment, that would be a cool job huh. pineapple beer sounds good and hey 14 cents not a bad price if you ask me. the outfit looks great and how much did the beads cost, ill pay you back if i went over the 20. your trip looks awesome, i gotta talk the wife into going to china. anyway hope is well. the cubs won their 7th in row and completed the 2nd straight sweep. they have the best record in the majors, awesome. thanks again...peace