Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Happy 6 Month Anniversary, Kate-the-Great!

To me, the pictures say it all. Look at the happy changes in our beautiful girl (despite still fitting into the same clothes as she did the day we met her). Our lives are richly blessed.

Gotcha Day, 10/25/05:

Six months later:

Looking soooo cute on October 31st (?), 2005:

April, 2006 -- as cute as ever:

Monday, April 24, 2006

Welcome to the World, Corbin!

Here is Kate's newest boyfriend,
Corbin James:
Corbin was born yesterday, 4/27/06 at 1:23 pm and he's absolutely perfect! (Does he look like a surfer boy with that blonde hair, or what?!!) Besides wanting to brag on my new "nephew," Corbin has family that's far away and is sooooo wanting to see his sweet face. Kate thought we should show him off on her website.
I'll add more pics / video in the next couple of days, since my battery died during our visit. Mom and Dad are proud, happy and doing well. Look at that pride in their faces (and a bit of tiredness, too!).

Happy Easter (belated)!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Guess Who Learned How To Publish Videos?

Tickle Bunny

It's a Shaky Egg

How Does the Piggy Go?

Some Days Are Harder Than Others

My creation

Progress! Well, kind of....


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Kate's Progress -- According to the Pediatrician

Little Miss Kate remains, well... little. The pediatrician has told me to keep a two week log of what she eats prior to her 2-year well visit, as her height and weight are not increasing like he wants. Both have plateaued on the growth chart which, if this continues, is a cause for concern. He did say, however, that she remains super strong -- as it takes two of us to hold her for the basic exam.

To be honest, I'm not concerned. Yes, she needs to gain weight. Yes, we need to get her to eat foods higher in fat content. Yes, she can go for three days with eating very little. BUT... she'll also go through days where she eats everything in sight. So we will continue to offer her a wide array of food, and offer more snacks, and see what happens.

For the record:
Height - 31.75 inches (17th percentile)
Weight - 20.75 pounds (3rd percentile)

Kate will also be screened by the early intervention specialists in the county to see if we can get her language skills moving along, as well as to make sure she's catching up to the proper developmental milestones. She understands nearly everything we say, imitates us all the time, but isn't producing language yet. We're pretty sure all is well, but a little caution doens't hurt.

Update on the pinky!
Scott and I have been concerned about Kate's injured pinky. It's bent, which interferes with her range of movement. When we talked to the pediatrician, he agreed with us and referred us to another doctor. We have an appointment with a hand surgeon to evaluate it on April 24th. Hopefully, he'll just indicate that she needs a bit of occupational therapy to get it back to where it was.

So, in a nutshell, it looks like the next few months will be spent in a car going to this appointment and that appointment. And when we aren't in the car, I'll be chasing her around with food or milk. Ahhhh.... the good life.

(Actually, it is!)