Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Last Day in China

It's 11:26pm, Wednesday, China time. We're packed and ready to go!

We got Addison's visa today, so we are now able to bring him to the United States. When we land at Dulles Airport on Thursday night, he will become an American citizen - a rich blessing.

In addition to our visit to the U.S. Consulate today, we also walked around Shamian Island, visiting shopkeepers, seeing the sights and sweating. It's pretty darn hot in Guangzhou, and it's the rainy season. The temperature is around 90, with about 90% humidity - not a lovely combination. Also, the shops are not air conditioned, so the heat just doesn't stop.

In one of the shops, a man invited us to a tea ceremony. Addison sat right down and drank LOTS of tea. He loved it. Only later did I think to ask if it had caffeine. D'oh! Yes, it did. Oh well, we're about to change time zones anyway.... (Actually, he just fell asleep about 20 minutes ago.)

Our trip has been absolutely wonderful. God has blessed us again with a beautiful child who will teach us much about life and love. Although the near future is probably faced with some interesting challenges as a parent to two stubborn children, we can't wait to see it all unfold.

Thank you for following our journey. I'll post again once we settle in. Please keep us in your prayers for safe travels and for our two kiddos to adjust to this next big change in their lives.

With much love from China,

The Lucky Ones


Anonymous said...

Hello again! Glad everything went smoothly and you are coming home. Looking at the pictures, my heart went out to your boy - remember not to let too many people hold him - he needs to bond with you. His expression changed when those women were holding him. His face went kind of blank, not what he's been like recently with you and Scott. Maybe I am reading his expression wrong, but our Melissa still thinks at times she's going to have to go back to China or get new parents. When she first came home it was even worse. You boy is smart - our social worker told us that these fears (rational based on their personal histories) are much greater in the older smart children. What a treasure he is. Love him with everything you have and he will become secure. Welcome home - with prayers for a special reunion with your girl and a wonderful transition to a family of four. Stacy

Karen M said...

I've so loved following you along on your journey. Addison looks just great! It's hard to tell from the pictures you've posted that he's having any difficulties... he really looks so peaceful and happy. Can't wait to hear how Kate (and everyone else) does with all the changes. I've really enjoyed Cindy's posts, too, about Kate's time there.

Safe journey home. We'll be praying. I hope we get to meet Addison in person before too long.

Patricia/NYC said...

Melissa, I am just THRILLED for all of you! Thank you for sharing your trip with us. It's been a joy to follow along! You surely have been blessed with one beautiful little boy! I can't wait to watch the rest of your story unfold as you start a new chapter as a family of 4!

Prayers for safe travels!!
Patricia, Frank & Kiara