Friday, June 06, 2008

Almost home!

We are currently in Washington D.C. and will board our last flight later this morning. Instead of arriving in Orlando at close to midnight, we opted to spend the night at a hotel last night and come home early in the afternoon.

I'm so glad we did it that way, as we all needed it. Scott and I are pretty close to being on regular time, but Addison has been up since about 2am. Fortunately, he *mostly* played quietly so we could sleep a bit more. I'm definitely feeling the flight, though. It's like I'm on a rocking boat in turbulent waters -- YUCK.

Our little guy was pretty good during the long flight -- one major meltdown and one minor one, totalling less than two hours. Not bad for a three-year-old. When we brought Kate home, she and I were sick, and if memory serves correctly, we both cried for the majority of the flight home.

Addison is now eating Chinese noodles we nabbed from the plane yesterday and watching the Disney channel. I just heard him say "Midney Muh" (Mickey Mouse) - cute, eh?

Can't wait to see our little girl and love all over her. Less than seven hours until she's in our arms. (Less than 8 hours until the first sibling argument, I predict.)

More later,

The Lucky Ones


Kathy said...

Can't wait to see the pictures of your arrival!!!
Thrilled for all of you.
You truly are a blessed family!
Kathy,Keith and Ami

Patricia/NYC said...

WELCOME HOME to the U.S.A. & CONGRATS to Addison on becoming a citizen!!

Can't wait to see Kate & Addison together!
Hugs to all!!

Karen M said...

Welcome home!!

The Lewises said...

I know you're home now! Welcome home!!! I hope the Kate-meets-Addison event went well!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Hope to see you soon!! Caroline, Kevin, Emily and David