Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sick of Sickness

Kate is well. Addison is well. And now I'm sick. And miserable. And crabby.

It started a week ago with a scratchy throat, a nasty cough and a two day fever. The fever broke and I figured I was good to go. I figured this was the adult version of hand-foot-mouth virus and I just had to let it run its course. So I did. But this weekend just killed me. I'd feel good for a couple of hours and think, I must be on the mend now, so I would nix my plans for going to the urgent care clinic. After seeing streaks of blood in the back of my throat last night, along with white spots and feeling like my ears were going to explode, I was the first one at the clinic today.

A strep culture and $22.80 copay later finds me at Walgreens buying Claritin-D to dry the crud out, as it is most likely a nasty virus and not strep throat. Eight hours later and I still feel pretty yucky, but not in such intense pain. I had forgotten just how awful sore throats can be.

And of course we're hitting that point in post-adoption land where we (meaning Scott and I) have started arguing over when we should let a child "cry it out" at naptime and bedtime, and other issues. Overall, we see things pretty similarly, but not necessarily at this point in the game. This leaves us both frustrated with ourselves and each other, but this too shall pass. Fortunately, we both have the same end goal of having happy, healthy kids who do not rule the roost.

So, for those of you who have stuck through this rambling post about nothing, here's a poll for you. Also, here's a hint (maybe): Melissa is Type A all the way. Seldom described as laid-back, she can usually suggest ways in which everything and anything would be better if people would just listen to HER. Scott is Type B, mostly. He's still the kid who loves baseball, and space shuttles, and those toy race cars that come with cool, twisty-tracks. Scott is fun; Melissa is determined. So there you go, there are your hints.


Patricia/NYC said...

Oh Melissa...I hope you are feeling better...being sick stinks in itself, but when caring for little ones too it's just awful!!

OH! And a HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY to sweet Kate!! (a little early) Hope it's a WONDERFUL one for her!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweetheart we love and miss you.
Opa & Oma