Monday, June 02, 2008

Last Day in Guiyang :(

Our last day in Guiyang was bittersweet. We were mostly excited to head to Guangzhou because that meant we were that much closer to the adoption being finalized and that much closer to seeing Kate again. However, Guiyang holds a special place in our hearts. Birthplace of our son, it has become part of who we are. Its people, beauty, hardships and blessings -- all have touched us. We look forward to the day we can bring our children back to China so they can see their other country -- their origins and the beginning of their beautiful stories that have just begun to unfold.

While we were running errands in the morning, Addison's foster mother came to the hotel to see him. Although we are sad for her grief and pain, we are also relieved that we weren't at the hotel at the time. I would have had a very difficult time keeping her from Addison, who was starting to turn a corner in terms of considering us as more than just temporary roommates. We pray that his foster family finds comfort and somehow can know that our hearts are united with theirs in our goal for Addison to be a happy, healthy, gracious child of God. If you pray, please ask for their peace, comfort, and eventual joy.

On a happier note, we spent the afternoon touring a "Training School" in Guiyang. The school is not for students to attend full-time; rather, they attend from one to three days per week for several hours working on an area of performing arts (singing, dancing, playing an instrument) or learning English. It is a beautiful school and we were very fortunate to see it as China does not typically allow anyone to tour any of the schools.

Even better, I was given the great privilege of teaching the English class for about 20 minutes or so. It was very rewarding -- the students were excited, glad to participate, and just so much fun! We exchanged email addresses and I hope to hear from them!

By the way -- if you're reading this Mr. T, they offered me a full-time job at the school so if my contract doesn't get renewed, I have a fall-back plan.... ;-)

Next post from Guangzhou -- the last stop for all families adopting from China.

With love from Guiyang, my new favorite city in China....

Lucky Mama to Kate AND Addison

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The Lewises said...

Melissa, this was one of my favorite posts. You taught English to a class full of kids! Way cool. What a memory. What sadness for Addison's foster mother. But at least you can keep in're really lucky to have that. Caroline