Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Big Box of Holiday Fun

Look what Aunt Diane sent to me -- a big box of holiday goodies. Which holiday, you ask? Just about all of them. Included in the BBoHF was Christmas coloring books, Easter slippers, Valentine's candy, bathtub foam, crayons, stencils and more. Wowee-zowee, how cool is Aunt Diane? I'm not so sure about the bathtub foam, but the crayons and the candy are especially appreciated. Mama wouldn't let me eat all the candy at once, although I sure tried! Thank you so much for the BBoHF. I loved it and I love YOU!

Ride 'em, cowgirl!
Kate's first pony ride, April 7th, 2007.

First she sees the ponies and runs headlong towards them, trying to give them her cookie. Kate is so good at sharing! Then, after waiting patiently, she got her turn. Our little cowgirl kept letting go to hug and pet the pony. No fear, just squealing delight.

Oh, those feet!

Although they don't seem so small to me anymore, I know they are. When we brought her home, she was wearing size 3.5. Almost a year and a half later, she's currently sporting size 6 shoes, although her narrow little feet only fit into very select shoes. Thank goodness she has flat feet. If there were arches, I don't think she'd fit into any pair of shoes! By the way, is it just me, or is her pinky toe freakishly long?

Random Pics

This is how Kate often drifts off to sleep, with her arm up against her face and something in each hand. Crayons? A favorite! If it's not crayons, it's a book or a ball -- or both. And yes, I keep waiting for the day she decides to go graffitti-artist on her wall. So far, so good.

Same crayons, several hours later. They stayed with her through the nap, throughout the afternoon and even overnight.

Kate's 2006 Christmas photo

Toddler Girls Gone Wild!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter on the beach?!!

I don't see the Bunny, but all the surfboards are pretty cool!

What do you mean I'm not big enough to compete?

But check out my moves!


Well, I'll just have to think of something else to do.

Choices, choices.
what do we have here?


It's soooo good. And for you keen observers out there, the answer is "yes."
I DID eat all the candy that I dropped.

(I think of the sand as fiber....)


Now off to cruise the surfer dudes....

Oh boys....

oh no....