Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Guangzhou, Tuesday

The big event of the day was Addison's medical check-up so that he could obtain a visa to leave China and enter the United States. The medical consists of three stations: a quickie physical and review of any surgeries, an ENT that checks hearing and looks at the throat and eyes, and a height-weight check. Addison was soooo good, although clung to me for parts of it (which I didn't mind a bit!).

When we did Kate's medical, they kept us afterward and kept arguing with each other about her hearing, which we now know was more to do with her withdrawing into herself. Needless to say, we were nervous heading into this physical - but no worries. Addison didn't cry and didn't seem too upset by the whole thing. When the doctors / assistants asked him to do something, he did it. (Somehow I don't think this will always continue, but we'll see.)

Height - they didn't tell us, but he's shorter than his sister (who is 37 inches)
Weight - 11.5 kilos, so about 25 pounds

Scott also took our boy to the park today -- no motor planning issues for this little guy. I just know that with his infectious smile and readiness to "go, go, go" that Kate will get lots of fun practice with her motor skills.

Tomorrow is our last day and we're ready to head home. All we have to do tomorrow is take the oath at the U.S. Consulate and then we'll get Addison's visa. We can't wait to board the plane and head for home to be a family of four.


The Lucky Ones

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