Saturday, July 07, 2007

What's in a name?

Addison = son of Adam

This is especially thought-provoking when you know that Addison's Chinese name means "an army of angels". It makes me think of a strong young man, who God conceived of at the beginning of time and provided strength to carry him on his difficult journey.

Of course, this isn't why Scott chose it.

Addison is the street we lived on in Chicago.

This is not why Scott chose it, either. And Scott did have naming rights.

(Ladies, you want a second child? Another child? Give your husband "naming rights." It helps.)

So, knowing Scott, this shouldn't come as a surprise:

wait for it....




Wrigley Field,
home of the Great Chicago Cubs,

is located on Addison.

(Wrigley Field is also located on Sheffield, Clark and Waveland. None of those made the cut.)

So Addison it is. It could have been Wrigley.

I hope he likes baseball.


chloesmama said...

I LOVE IT! What a happy surprise, and a beautiful boy! I love his name, and all of the rationale is fantastic...good job, Dad! You certainly are "The Lucky Ones!" Congratulations!!!

The Lewises said...

When, when, when are you going to give us the details? I can't stand it!! I love the name "Addison." Haven't heard an "Addison" in the library yet, so you're all set! :) Caroline

Mike, Hayley & Piper said...

I love of our friends has a dog called Wrigley, after the Stadium...I'm so glad you chose's very grand!

Beverly said...

Well at least he will have a story to tell of his dad naming him. He really is very cute and you guys will have a great time with both of your children.


Shirley Greene said...

Hi there from Idaho,

Judi told me about the BIG NEWS! I so admire the strength and energy you and Scott have shown with Kate and will give so freely to Addison.

Best wishes with a second smooth adoption process.
God Bless.

Patricia/NYC said...

Addison!! LOVE IT!!!
Great, strong, name! It definitely suits him! And what a cutie he is!
Love the "naming" story too!


Headmeister said...

I LOVE that story!!!!