Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Hearty Congratulations To...

Chloe and her new family!
Abigail is going to make a great big sister and Kate can't wait to come over and play with both girls. Of course Cindy and Russ (pictured below) are going to bless their new daughter's life with love, patience, humor and adoration. They are great parents -- which is why they are Kate's godparents and will be Kate's guardians if anything ever happens to us. Chloe is beautiful -- she is just perfect! Go wish the happy family your best Journey to Chloe.
Abigail and family on celebrating two years together. It was two years ago yesterday that they became a family of three. Seems like yesterday, seems like forever. Abigail loves to read, do gymnastics, has a wicked right arm, is sweet as the day is long, and is whip smart. I think she's going to be an engineer! Read more about Abigail at Journey to Abigail.

Emily and family on celebrating two years together. It was two years ago TODAY that they became a family of three. Emily and Kate are from the same province, but different orphanges. They are our sweet Guangxi girls! Just like being from the same province, Kate and Emily are both Wiggles fanatics and have the dance moves down. Emily is an exquisite ballerina, loves the color purple, is a chatterbox and is very determined to figure things out herself. She will be a great problem-solver! Read more about Emily's adventures at

China's painful and complicated loss is our great gain. These two girls are beautiful in so many ways and have not only blessed their families, but us as well. It is a joy to watch them blossom and I can't wait to see what their future brings.

To celebrate, we joined the happy families for a Chinese dinner and watched the mayhem ensue both inside the restaurant and outside afterwards. So much sweaty fun!

Inside the restaurant antics:

Begins with Emily wearing her napkin.

Abigail joins in with her rendition of napkin peek-a-boo.

Kate, always one to do it a little different, just plops the napkin over her whole lead and shrieks with laughter. We get several looks from the patrons, who decide the girls are more funny than they are annoying. We agree.

Not pictured: Kate greeting each and every person in the restaurant as we made our way to the table, Kate running behind the sushi bar to hug the sushi chef, Kate stealing food of Cindy's plate, Kate throwing herself back in the chair when I gave her the evening's medicine. Are you sensing a theme here??? Oh well, she's full of life and that's what matters the most.

And then they went outside:

Emily, Kate and Abigail are transfixed by a scrolling LED sign.

The girls keep Caroline (Emily's mommy) running. Three squealing, laughing girls are just too much fun! (And a bit of trouble!)

Abigail and Emily sing "Bear's Now Asleep," including all the choreography. Very cute!

Kate cons Russ (godfather and Abigail's daddy) to lift her up so she can touch the LED sign. She had him hold her there for a good five minutes. He's more patient than I am!

Emily and Abigail wish each other a Happy 2nd Anniversary. (How sweet are they?!!!)

The highlight of the night? Abigail declaring for the restaurant to hear, "Daddy, I have to go poopy. YAAAYYYY!"

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The Lewises said...

LOL!!!! Too funny. Thanks for a great entry. :D Caroline and Emily (and Daddy, currently in Deutschland).