Friday, July 06, 2007

Kate was kissing...

Her brother!


Meet Addison, Kate's charming 2-year old brother. He's currently in Guizhou, China -- living with a foster mother who adores him, cares for him, and delights in him. (And who, thankfully, decided the BOY should not be wearing a barrette.)

We have a long paperchase and wait ahead of us, so knowing he's in good hands makes the wait bearable. Addison will need some extra medical care when he gets home -- he will need a prosthetic eye and perhaps a surgery on his eyelids. Some issues ahead? Yes. Any big deal? Nope.
So, provided that China will approve us to adopt him (and you never know with China), we hope to bring Addison home by Spring, 2008. Our family will consist of Kate with limited speech, Addison with limited vision, and the Lucky Parents with limited sense. We think we're a perfect match for each other.

More soon! Please keep Addison in your thoughts and prayers, and also keep your fingers crossed that CCAA (Chinese Center for Adoptive Affairs) is able to look into their hearts and see that Addison belongs with us.

Oh, and about the name? And how this all came about? Explanations coming soon....

For now, let me say this:

1) We weren't really planning on adopting again ("we" meaning "Scott" and Melissa had come to accept this).

2) We thought that, if we adopted again, we'd go for a little sister for Kate since that would be far more practical.

3) When we saw our little guy, we just knew he was our son.

With great joy and pride,

The Lucky Ones -- Scott, Melissa & Jie Jie (big sister) Kate


icecold1967 said...


Headmeister said...

OMG, how awesome!!!!!

Found you at MAd Race for Macey and just HAD to comment on your gorgeous kids :)

Be well,
Heather said...

Great news!!! We'll keep our fingers crossed for you...How lucky for all of you!!! (I'm sure CCAA will know that you'll be the BEST parents for that little cutie..)
Love the new family pic at the top of your blog...
Kathy (Keith and Ami too!)

Grandma said...

Another grandchild ... how can life get any better???

Beverly said...

Oh congrats! How wonderful and a perfect family you guys will make for him and him for you.


Mike, Hayley & Piper said...

Awesome! We can't wait to see him in your arms.

We weren't planning to adopt again so soon either, but you know how it goes...when it's supposed to happen it happens!


The Lewises said...

I have chills, and they won't stop!!! I can't believe you guys are taking the plunge again...AWESOME!! Maybe we'll travel at the same time, wouldn't that be great?? :D Caroline (LID 9/13/06 for Madeleine)

Tonia said...

Oh my Lord, Melissa!!!! :P CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! He is a cutie -- he's going to fit right in with your family.

Hugs -

kris said...

Oh I love seeing his pics again... can I steal one yet to put on our yahoo home page or is that not a good idea?

sarahkate60120 said...

I'm was excited to see your referral announcement on the Guizhou Yahoo Group. My daughter Anna is also from Guizhou. We, along with many others, helped to fund his heart surgery. He's been on my mind a lot lately. Congrats on your adorable son.

Julie Anne & Anna