Monday, July 16, 2007

Guilin Girls Playdate!

We had the great fortune of visiting with one of our travelmate families yesterday. We haven't seen Keith, Kathy and sweet Ami since November, 2005 when we were all in China. How fun to catch up on the happenings and see how Ami has grown. It was a great joy to watch the girls play together, too. We also got to meet Keith and Kathy's oldest son, Jay -- who is as nice as he is handsome!

Ami is two months older than Kate -- can you tell they are both from Guilin? For sure you can tell they are from southern China, such petite things -- and both so dark. People are forever saying that Kate is Vietnamese (this comes from Vietnamese people) and I'm sure that she might have some Vietnamese in her as her province is just north of Vietnam. It was interesting to see that Ami is just as dark and does not live in sunny Florida (they are from NY).
Here are my favorite pics from the day:

Below: Kate and Ami find an '80s video game that has credits in it. Look at Kate's terrified expression in the first picture, then Ami's sheer determination. Too funny!

Below: Fun in the water!

Left to Right: Keith, Ami, Melissa, Kate, Scott, Kathy

Is this too funny, or what???

Finally, my favorite picture of the day. Ami's pose and the light just worked perfectly together! Of course, her sheer beauty doesn't hurt either....

Keith and Kathy -- Thanks so much for letting us know you were in town. It was GREAT seeing all of you. Ami is a sweetheart and she sure has a great older brother. We hope we get to meet Cole next time.
Hugs and love from The Lucky Ones....
Scott, Melissa & Kate


Mike, Hayley & Piper said...

omg! the bidet picture is TOO cute...good to have a giggle!

Gorgeous girls, so nice that you can meet up with her orphanage sister!

We are meeting one of Pipers at the reunion, we also havent seen them since 2005...almost 2 years!


Kathy said...

Thanks for posting the lovely pics and nice comments... We are so glad we decided to contact you.. It was wonderful seeing the three of you. We're so excited that your adding Addison to your family! Thanks for a nice Sunday outing.. Love the bidet pic too... your sense of humor is great..
hugs, Kathy (Keith, Jay, Ami and of course Cole too)