Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What Happens with the Girlfriends....

...stays with the girlfriends (unless, of course, your mother has a camera and a blog)! How absolutely cute are these outfits that my mom made for Kate and her girlfriends?!!! To die for, they are. We were sad that Taylor wasn't with us today for the great demonstration of cuteness and attitude, but the girls did their best to carry on. (Although, let it be said that Taylor is the Queen of 'tude -- and damn cute, too.)

Grandma rocks and all the girls say thank you! All the girls are absolutely ADORABLE in their outfits and all loved them, except for Emily who was only in the mood to wear either her bathing suit or birthday suit. She's the one who later decided to strip and wear the curtains, calling them her "tutu".

Note to Caroline, mom to Emily: No Spring Break for Emily -- EVER. hee hee hee

Here are "the girls" (aka Kate, Abigail, Emily & Ashley) in all their glory:

Above: Abigail, sporting the shirt from "Grandma Judi" -- what Kate's grandma is known as from the other kiddos.
Above: Emily thinks, "Thanks and everything, but you can't make me wear the outfit!" (Minutes later, she was naked and pulling curtains over her saying, "my tutu.")

Above: After Kate's foot touched Emily's leg, Emily pushed it away. Kate shoved back. Then they gave each other this priceless look. They all but said, "she's breathing my air."

Above: Kate and her mussy hair, after swim lessons. Still pretty damn cute, if you ask me!

Above: Sweet Abigail

Above: The girls pretend to nap. Notice that Kate and Emily (far right) leave a gap between them. Apparently, they're not over their little tiff.

Above: Ashley, the beautiful

Above: Trying to create a "flower" -- Easier said than done.

(And yes, that is a book in Kate's hand.)

Above and below, from left to right: Kate, Ashley, Abigail, Emily

Above: Ashley and Emily practice their ballet moves.

Above: Kate, put the magazine away already!!!!

Above: "Pardon me, Miss, may I take your plate?"

(I snapped this photo before saying, "EXCUSE ME, what the heck are you doing?!!!!")


Beverly said...

Those are adorable pics of the girls. Love the faces at each other one.


tiffany said...

LOL I love the grumpy couch photo! I have been known to frame and display the grumpy ones as they are just too cute sometimes.
:) Tiffany
another lucky mama

kris said...

WHAT FUN!! These pics are so good!
(And it is TRUE... what happens with the girls, stays with the girls)...