Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mail Call Mystery

So, the Fed Ex guy delivered an interesting envelope to us the other day.

In the upper left-hand corner, it read:

And then to the right:

I showed the contents to Kate.

Here's what she did:

Just who is Kate kissing?

Post your guess to the mystery in the comments section. IF YOU ALREADY KNOW who this cutie pie is, please don't post and ruin it for others. Thanks!

The answer will be revealed in less than a week.


kris said...

Dang it. Gotta keep my mouth shut!!

Oh the torture.

Beverly said...

Is it your son? When did you start the paper chase again? Congrats if I am right.

Beverly & Glenys

Safety Mom said...

A baby brother???? Am I right? Am I?

Is that a frog barrette on his hair?


The Lewises said...

OH MY GOSH...DID YOU GUYS REALLY DO IT????!!!!!!!! Caroline, Kevin & Emily

Mom said...

Oh, tell them already... I can't keep my mouth shut forever!