Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Packed and Just About Ready to Go!

A few more last-minute errands, checking and double-checking our paperwork and we will be ready to go Friday morning. We're leaving the house at 5am, ready to go get our sweet daughter. And, in case you're wondering, that is all of the luggage we're taking! One messenger bag has Kate's belongings, one has our clothes. The red backpack is for paperwork, medications, toiletries and my books. The black backpack is for electronics and Scott's junk. And that's it! Not bad, huh?

We are very grateful to have Scott's parents staying at our house while we're gone. They will tend to the spoiled ones of the house: Cassie and Gracie, our dogs. Grandpa is also going to put the flooring in Kate's room so the nursery will truly be done. They've also threatened to clean out the garage. I say, have at it! Throw everything out and ignore your son when he complains.

Keep checking our site while we travel. We plan on keeping everything as up to date as possible. Thank you for the enthusiasm, joy and kindnesses you have shown us as we have waited for this journey to begin and for our dreams to come true.

We love you!

Scott and Melissa
aka, The Lucky Ones


grandma kathy said...

hope you have a safe trip. we miss you already.

Anonymous said...

hey guys
have a safe trip,we will be thinking of you until you get back.
"cant wait to meet kate"
opa grady

Diane Casey said...

Have a safe trip. Can only immagine your excitment. We will be thinking of you each and every day.

Anonymous said...


How funny! I just emailed you at school regarding a TLC show about Chinese babies! The very day you leave to get Kate! Praying for your trip to be safe, fun, and FAMILY-FILLED! I can't wait to see photos!!!

Tam R @ halfway house school

Mom said...

It is now very early in the morning (Saturday) and I am watching Continental's website awaiting the word "arrived"... Once a mother ... always a mother!
Wish I could be with you but please know that my love has made the journey in place of my body!

Anonymous said...

Mel, Scott and very soon Kate,

Can't wait to hear about the first meeting and getting to know each other. Only a few more days.

Aunt L----

PS: Aunt Mary says hi and wishes you all the happiness in the world and a very safe trip. :-)