Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Here in China you get your little girl and then you get a “HARMONIOUS TIME”. This so you can decide if you are happy with your baby and that you will love her, take care of her, and never abandon her.

Now remember this little girl has been abandoned, transferred from orphanage, to foster care, and then shipped on a five hour bus ride to Nanning. So this little girl has lived through many major traumas in her short little life and now she is going to be given to people who she has never seen. Plus they look way different than anybody she has ever seen. Do you expect a “HARMONIOUS TIME”?

Well we didn’t but our Kate surprised us by being very happy and taking to both of us right away.

We were the lucky ones.

She saw the local baby doctor today and she is getting a little congested so he is giving her a local herbal liquid to fix it.
She is ok, keep us in your thoughts.

I have been having major computer and internet problems here, but I am trying hard to the photos coming. Keep checking.
I am unable to see the page but the uploads seem to be working if anyone can e-mail me to let me know if you see this post I would be thankful (

More soon


Mary said...

Congratulations to the beautiful family! Wishing you all the best!
Loads of love and fun in store for you!
Mary & Chuck

Ed said...

So very nice to see a smiling Kate!
Can't wait until she gets home and "entertains" you by pushing that popcorn popper around the house in the wee hours of the morning! Take care -- you are loved. See you soon.

~ Grandpa

Julie said...

WOW! Kate looks so happy and so do the two of you! I'm glad to hear that her adjustment has been better than expected!! Hope the rest of your trip is fantastic and that everyone gets/stays healthy!! Enjoy Guiling, and can't wait to see you when you get home!!!!
Julie (your loving social worker!))

The Lewises said...

Look Emily, look at your new buddy! Isn't she adorable?? What a wonderful surprise to check your website tonight and suddenly your Gotya Day photos appear! CONGRATULATIONS!!--you all look soooo happy. How nice to see Uncle Michael, too. Enjoy, enjoy, and do your posting late at night--we had major problems, too. Three quarters of China is probably competing with you!! :) --Happy Buddah Baba family