Sunday, October 30, 2005


Here are some photos.
1. Kate is packed and ready togo.
2. Twin pogotas at night.
3. My BBQ rib dinner in western resturaunt.
4. Kate in lobby.
5. Not for present laundry bag.(not for present is Chinese for don't steal this).


Mom and Ed said...

Super pictures -- thanks for the explanations as well. Looks like the the Guilin hotel is as beautiful as you anticipated.

We love the picture of Kate in the suitcase. Welcome to the world of "the smallest person requires the most stuff". So anxious to hear all about trip to orphanage and the possible meeting with the foster mother.

Aunt Dorothy said...

Aunt Dorothy is trying to get this down pat. Everything that I have seen thus far is outstanding. Kate will have a lot of things to look at once you get back home. All of the pictures of your new family look fantastic. As I said in an e-mail I sent you, you look like you have been a family for ever.

Love, Aunt Dorothy