Monday, October 31, 2005


Photos of kate on halloween day.
1. The family.
2. Papa feeding Kate.
3. Kate the cat.
4. Happy buda baby.
5. Trick.... turn you head.
Happy Halloween............................



Aunt Dorothy said...

Kate, Happy Halloween, I will be looking for you at my door tonight, and I will have chocolate and bubble gum for you.

Love, Aunt Dorothy

P.S. You make a great looking cat.

Grandma said...

My darling Kate, this is only the beginning of torture American style ... dressing in strange clothing for the amusement of adults. Must admit you sure look cute though!

The Lewises said...

How precious! Couldn't comment on the snake wine--sorry, that's just gross! It was hard enough watching Kevin eat green Ostrich curry one night in Guangzhou. It's such a treat to tune in to you guys each day! Can't wait to see your next entry. We'll miss you next weekend at the FAC gathering! Kevin, Caroline and Emily.

TimandKim said...

Try right clicking on any pictures that are sideways and "rotate clockwise" to make it straight up before you post the pictures.
Kate is a doll! COngrats!