Sunday, October 23, 2005


Well here I go. Here in HK beer is $8 dollars Hong Kong money. Which is basically $5.60 US dollars. It is only sold in four packs and singles, very strange. The main beer brewed in HK is San Miguel pale pilsen (remember is was a british territory). But the strangest thing of all, is that they are pull taps. Not our present pull tops, but our fathers pull tabs. Yes, you know the removable, lets cut our lip with that last gulp or the cool man, like my beer tab neckless (babe I made it just for you I only had to drink 2oo beers. But it was worth cause I know how much you like a gift I make myself for you.)
Check out the photo.
Keep watching for future beverage updates.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
Glade you made it there safe. Keep up the brewery postings and have a great time!

See ya soon,

Attitude Adjustment said...

Just stay away from "The Three Sisters Bar" in Kowloon!


Karen (& Ty) currently in NYC said...

I just love that we get to follow you along on this journey! Thanks for making that possible. Happy to read you're there and enjoying yourselves. Can't wait to read about and see pictures of Gotcha Day!