Monday, May 26, 2008

Without Further Ado...

Meet our Little Emperor

We will be adding to this post, but internet is slow and we just now got access to it. Check back for the entire post.

For now, just know that all is well. Our boy is stubborn, sly, funny, potty-trained, well-loved and very, very spoiled. We were told by his foster family that we must show him tv "in the morning and in the night or he will cry loudly." Also, they said that "he can share for a little while, but then will hit to get his toys back." The family also told me that he would not nap. I have him in his crib now, so we'll see what happens. One thing is sure - We have a bit of "taming" to do in the next two weeks.

He is very, very sweet though -- and all boy. As soon as we gave him a car, he was delighted. He likes to run around, play with cars, watch kung fu shows, and play rough. He's tender, though, too. I've gotten several kisses and a few hugs. Very sweet!

Here's how we met Addison ShenJun:

Our flight was late getting into Guiyang. When we met our guide, Richard, we were sweaty and tired, not to mention nervous and excited. He said, "Your little boy and the foster family and the orphanage worker are in the hotel lobby waiting." We then drove 30 minutes to the hotel. I saw the foster mother first, and she and I hugged and cried. There's so much more to tell here, but we're wiped out.

Most importantly, our boy is with us and he came from a very loving home. He was adored by this family and we have their address so we can keep in touch with them. They are a Christian family -- a point they emphatically wanted me to know -- and were glad to hear that we are active in a church and that people were praying for him at the very moment we were meeting and talking.

It was a difficult and beautiful night. We are blessed by two wonderful children.

More later,

The Lucky Ones


Cindy said...

Melissa and Scott, He looks perfect!
I'm anxiously waiting for Kate to wake up and see the post!

Anonymous said...

He is beautiful ... I love my new grandson already. Glad all is well with the three of you. Your writing "Consider a Boy" is very, very touching. I cried! Hope you can feel my love reaching across the world to you all.


The Lewises said...

Oh my gosh, the pictures are up!! I have a permanent squint from checking the computer every hour or less! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! He's beautiful!! And another stubborn'll have your hands full, but now we can all become wiser together! :)

I'm so, so happy for you and can't wait to hear the rest of the story. Poor Russ, I grilled him mightily for info but he remained so calm. He'll qualify for sainthood after that conversation!

Be sure and point out any cranes, trucks, buses, trains, etc., for Addison, 'cause you're sure to gain points. And rejoice in the morning farts. Though I know you and Scott have already embraced this child, 'cause you're SUPER!

Doing a happy dance for ya...Caroline (who's about to yank Kevin out of bed to meet Addison!)

The Lewises said...

Hi Addison, hi, hi!! We're Emily and David waving hi from Florida! We live near you and can't wait to be your playmate! Mommy and Miss Cindy will start setting up the playdates, so don't you worry about a thing. We'll give you your schedule when you get back! ;D

Love you already!! Your friends, Emily PeiPei and David Jian Qun

Stefanie said...

YEAH YEAH YEAH!! Oh, how I LOVE to see that beautiful SMILE on his face!!
Congratulations to you all!!!!

Laurie McLean said...

I am soooo happy for you and to know they are a Christian family! That may explain a few things! Congratulations! I think the spoiled thing is how they raise boys in China! He will adjust! Laurie

Patricia/NYC said...

Congratulations, Melissa, Scott & big sister, Kate!!! I'm so THRILLED for all of you!!!!

Addison is such a BEAUTIFUL boy!! LOVE his smile!! What a blessing that he has been loved so much & so well taken care of!!

Thinking of you all & I can't wait to see & read MORE!!

Patricia/NYC said...

Oh! I hope you don't mind, but I just HAD to post your great news on our blog with a link to yours!!
(Since we're pasword protected, I thought that would be ok??)
Love ya!

for Ammon by his Mama Stefani said...

So thrilled that you have Little Dude!!! With the big attitude I guess we should add. LOVE IT. You are doing fantastic. We can't wait to learn more about him.

Stefani Ellison
China Program Coordinator
Children's House International

Kathy said...

Ok, you've made Keith and I cry today!!! We're so thrilled for you all and are praying for all of you!
Keith, Kathy and Ami

Kathy said...

Yippee for the lucky family!!!
You've made us cry today!!
Our prayers are w/ you all..
Keith, Kathy and Ami

Anonymous said...

Melissa and Scott,
Yeah!!! You finally have Addison in your arms. God is Good!
Addison is just adorable and looks like he is so much fun. Ashley and I can't wait to meet him.

Natalie and Ashley

Anonymous said...

Melissa and Scott,
Yeah!! You finally have Addison in your arms. God is Good!!!
Addison is so cute and looks like he is a lot of fun.
Ashley and I can't wait to meet him.

Natalie and Ashley

bytheriver said...

Scott & Melissa! Congratulations on your adoption of Addison! I can't wait to hear more of your story. He looks great, a little sad initially, but seems to have perked right up when he was trying daddy's hat on. You will have your hands full, i don't envy you weaning him from the television - maybe you can pick some books up and start a bedtime story routine. Take Care, as always we are rooting for you. Stacy & Bruce

Karen M said...

Oh, (sigh), could it get any better than this?! CONGRATULATIONS Melissa, Scott, and Big Sister Kate. He is precious. God is so good!

kris said...

I am SOOOO happy for you guys, he is adorable, love his smile!!