Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day Two in Guiyang

Addison is doing so well. We are getting lots of smiles, hand-holding and playfulness. He has an excellent appetite and enjoys a wide variety of foods, from tofu to tomatoes to noodles to fruit. We were also able to visit his "finding spot," the Guiyang Hospital, which tells us his birth mother (parents?) probably cared very much for his well-being, as they left him somewhere known for care and nurturing.

The Streets of Guiyang - Photos from our afternoon walk

Guiyang is a paradox. Although extremely poor, there is a graciousness and joy in the people that is contagious. Although fairly dirty, there is a pride in maintaining its beauty. People are out, sweeping the streets and wiping down their cars. There are many babies strapped to their mothers here, people working very hard carrying items in baskets (like a taxi service for your shopping items), others are doing construction or cooking in somewhat questionable storefront restaurants. There are many minority cultures here, of which we suspect Addison is a member. Our guide has spent a lot of time talking to us about the minority cultures, especially the Miao (or, the Hamong as they call themselves). Guiyang seems to take great pride in its diversity and we have not once felt out of place, although we are the only white people we have seen. We are a curiousity and are stared at, but with smiles and genuine interest. They have examined Addison by crouching down and looking at his eyes, seemingly debating whether he had another eye or not, touching the flatness of the back of his head, stroking his face and blessing him. Although no one really speaks English, our 2+ hour adventure (without a guide) was no problem at all. Guiyang is heartfelt in its motto that the "Han majority and all the minorities welcome all guests from every direction."

Our Dinner
Scott ate Spicy Steamed Frog Legs with yellow chilis, Whole Shrimp (shells and all) with dried red chilis, Barbecued Meat Combo of Duck, Chicken, Beef and Bacon-wrapped Chinese sausage.
Melissa ate Steamed Local Blue Crab, Mushroom Stem Salad, Sushi, Sashimi including salmon and octopus.

Addison ate Grilled Salmon (cooked and the sashimi), Veggies galore, rice, sauteed Chinese mushrooms, and chocolate-dipped watermelon bites (which he LOVED).
We did not eat at any of the storefront restaurants, as our adventurousness does not include food poisoning.... Our dinner was at the hotel. :-)

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