Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kate's IEP Meeting

We had a GREAT IEP meeting to discuss Kate's goals for the next school year. She will be at the same school, in a different program (5 days / week) and will receive FOUR speech therapy sessions, two sessions of occupational therapy, and one session of physical therapy per week. Additionally, she'll be involved in the typical pre-Kindergarten curriculum typical for her age.

It was a productive meeting filled with people who care about our daughter -- we couldn't have asked for a better outcome. We are very grateful that Kate is so loved and her disabilities are understood by bright professionals who take their jobs seriously. Truly, we are blessed.


PS: We have a doctor's appointment with Kate tomorrow with an autism specialist. It's a two-hour appointment, which should be very informative (although probably a bit headache-inducing). After that, it's pack and head for China, baby!


Maddy said...

I know all about the 'head ache inducing.' Best of luck tomorrow.

bytheriver said...

Wonderful News - you are never far from our hearts or thoughts - Stacy & B & M

Patricia/NYC said...

Thinking of you all & praying for you always!! Good luck today! And HAPPY PACKING!!!

Karen M said...

Can't wait to hear how the meeting went. I know you'll update when you have a spare moment. We're anxiously awaiting Addison's GOTCHA Day!

The Lewises said...

Wow! To say you've been busy is an understatement! We were in Gainesville today at Shands for David's post-op appointment (went great!).

I'm so glad the outcome is positive this time for Kate's IEP, and I hope today's appointment went well. Have a great trip!! Caroline