Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Guiyang, Day Three - Monkeying Around

Oh, what a fun day! We went to Qianling Park and saw so many monkeys - which freaked Scott out a bit. If you had a banana in your hand, a monkey would come up and take it from you. If you were around several monkeys, they would fight for that one banana. I will say that it was a bit intimidating in sections, but so fun nevertheless. The monkeys also enjoyed nuts, any fruits, candy, and -- as you can see in the slideshow -- bottled water.

There were also people dancing to American music from about 15 years ago (think Chinese line dancing), as well as ballroom dancing. We asked our awesome guide, Richard, if this was a special day. He said, "Special day? No, no. Everyday there is dancing, exercise, badminton, walking, filling up water jugs with spring water." He also told us how people would buy animals from pet stores (fish, turtles) and bring them up to the temple area of the park and release them - an act of kindness to increase their karma. As always, the people were so genuinely delightful.

We've gotten many stares and some questions, but all positive. They ask about Addison's eye and are happy to hear he's going to America for help for it. Many have complimented him on his flat head (in the back, exactly like his sister), as it is a sign of high intelligence in China. You know, in China, everything is a "sign" of something.

Addison is doing so well! He clearly misses his foster family and still says at various times that he wants to go home, but doesn't seem to hold it against us. He looks at the photo album of his foster family and then seems to withdraw into himself a little more. He comes back out again, though, and is extremely playful. He ADORES Scott and follows him around like a shadow. He's taken to me just fine, too, but I'm not the rock star that Scott is. Noooo; instead, I'm the one whose hand he'll grab at breakfast to spit out whatever food he decided he doesn't like. On the upside, he prefers Scott to take him to the bathroom. Fine with me. He can poop with the best of them, let me tell ya! We haven't heard the morning toots, Caroline, but he can belch like Wisconsin beer drinker. :-)

We miss Kate so much, but are happy to know she's doing well. I'm also glad that she's given Aunt Cindy and Uncle Russ some dirty looks -- I would be afraid that clone took her place otherwise. LOL


You were especially on our minds today as we saw the monkeys. Kate, you would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that park, except I'm afraid that you would run right towards those screeching monkeys not thinking about your safety. You're kind of like mama that way. Papa and our guide both kept saying, "that's close enough." But the monkeys were mostly nice and you could actually feed them with your hands.
You and your brother are going to get along great, but don't try to take his backpack. His backpack to him is like your books are to you. He doesn't go ANYWHERE without it. I think if you agree to leave his backpack alone (and his Automan toy), he'll probably be fine with leaving your books alone. Something you both like is candy. He LOVES candy, although we haven't been giving him much. I think we'll have a cake when we get back, okay? We'll celebrate didi's belated birthday and let him blow out a candle and then, in a few weeks, we'll have another cake for you. Two cakes is better than one, right? Would you like to have cake with your brother?

We love you so much and miss you. At night when we say our prayers, we send you kisses from across the world. We hope you are feeling them and smiling. Give big love to everyone, and hug Aunt Cindy first.
Papa and I miss you and love you. Ask Aunt Cindy to read "Crazy Cakes" to you for me and make sure she kisses your hand when you get to the right page. I can't wait to hold you and sing songs with you. Blow me a kiss and know that I'm blowing one to you.

I love you!



The Lewises said...

Great photos and wonderful prose! Quick story for ya...David and Emily had a fight over something yesterday. They were both yelling "ahhhh!!", pushing and pulling and trying to outdo the other one in his/her anger. I couldn't stop them, so I suddenly found myself attempting to yell "ahhhh!!" over them, and I lost! So I laughed, instead.

Remember that when Kate grabs Addison's backpack and Addison grabs Kate's book, or vice versa. It's bound to happen sooner or later! :D Caroline

Anonymous said...

Melissa and Scott,
Addison is just adorable. He look like he is a lot of fun, and you are having fun with him. I am glad everyone is doing well. Can't wait to see you all.

Natalie and Ashley

Patricia/NYC said...

THe photos of Addison with Scott are priceless!! Looks like the bonding has begun! :)

I want to see Addison in his Cubs t-shirt! ;)

Keep 'em coming!! Love it!!
Prayers & Hugs continue!