Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pancakes for Mikey

On June 17th, 2007 a sweet young boy named Mikey Cronvich died after being left in the car for three hours. He was to turn five years old on July 6th of this year and, although we never met him, he was clearly one sweetheart of a little boy. Mikey was adopted from China and adored by his parents and older sisters, who are going through a grief I never want to understand. Add to their grief the horrible way he died. Mikey always rode in mom's car but got into dad's car instead. They just had the grandfather's funeral, as well -- so to say things were turned upside-down is probably pretty appropriate. I don't know all the details, but it certainly sounds like this was an absolutely horrific accident. I think of all the small things I've done that could have had monumental results: turning my back and then seeing Kate running into the street, walking by the kitchen counter and seeing something unsafe within reach, etc.

Yesterday was Mikey's memorial service, and they served pancakes afterwards -- his very favorite food. The cyberfriends of his family decided to do the same. And they decided to do something else that made a difference. They set up a fund to provide an adoption grant for a waiting child (special needs) in China. We were all asked to donate the cost of a pancake breakfast in Mikey's honor so that another little guy could find his forever family.

Kate ate pancakes and I made a small donation. If you are so inclined, please visit to do the same.


Mom said...

Can't think of a nicer thing to do to memorialize this little guy. Thanks for letting us know a way to offer a form of sympathy. My heart goes out to them!

kris said...

My heart breaks for them. And I'll be making a donation.

kris said...

You're in Satellite Beach?????? Isn't that Melbourne? I have family RIGHT there!
Woman. Next time I have time off (not looking great for the summer right now, with 2 more trips planned) I am SO coming your way. And if you are ever passing through Gainesville (like why you would, who knows, nothing too exciting here) LET me know! That's how I ended up meeting Stef and her 6 kids (well, now 7 but Jude wasn't home yet).