Monday, June 04, 2007


The long-awaited MRI date finally arrived. The only thing that could stand in our way was if Kate had a cold.

Well, on Thursday night she had a fever and threw up all over me. On Friday, she still had a fever. Saturday and Sunday were met with the "green elevens" (picture two rivulets of green snot coming from her cute little nose).

But we were determined. We prayed. We wiped a lot of snot. We used decongestant to get as much crud out as possible.

Monday morning arrived and with it, a wet cough. But no green elevens.

We thought we'd go and see what happened, fully expecting them to send us home and reschedule for July -- or August, because they only do MRI with anesthesia once a month (and those dates get filled quickly).

We were wrong. The MRI is done. Lab work is done. Results should be ready within the next few days and then we just have to wait for our appointment with the pediatric neurologist.

WOO-HOO! We've been waiting for this MRI for months (they couldn't do it the first time because of her choking issues, so we had to have the swallow study done first).

Now we're hoping that it was all for naught. This was done to rule out anything other than apraxia. Keep fingers crossed. Say prayers. Think good, karmic thoughts.

Gotta run! The after-effects of anesthesia are clumsiness, proneness to falling / injuries, etc. We've been to the ER often enough already without the aid of anesthesia, so I'm not letting Little Miss get more than two lengths ahead of me at any point.

Thanks for all your emails and positive comments from our last post.

More later!


Melissa said...

Good Luck with the MRI ... I hope it turns up everything good :-)

Anonymous said...

let us know as soon as the results come in.

opa and oma

Tonia said...

Glad that she was able to do the MRI and you didn't have to wait a couple more months.