Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Good News from Dr. Coldfish

Good news!

MRI - unremarkable, except for a bit of flatness where two plates of the skull meet. Next step -- a head CT scan to rule out the premature closure of plates (which can prevent the brain from growing). The neurologist is NOT concerned about this, as Kate's head circumference has grown consistently, and specifically "very nicely over the past two months." However, since this can be easily ruled out with a CT scan, we're going ahead with that test.

Bloodwork -- normal! I'll confess here that there was one test that I was particularly worried about, so I left there one happy mama! The only test results they are still waiting on is the test for Fragile X syndrome but the good doctor said, "I'll guarantee that she's not Fragile X."

And now onto a description of this neurologist:

He walks into the room and starts spitting out test results. No "hello", no handshake, no eye contact. Truly, this man has the bedside manner of an iceberg. Quite honestly, I don't care as long as he knows what he is doing. I do feel for the families who need to have an ongoing relationship with him, though.

Here is the funny part, though. Kate absolutely adored him. She hugged him three times, gave him a pretzel goldfish, offered him her sippy cup of milk and blew him kisses. Eventually, he smiled and actually looked at me in the eyes and said, "her therapists must adore her -- what a sweetheart and what a smart little girl."

Holy shit, batman! Did you just make small talk???

When Kate gave him a final bear hug on his leg, one of his co-workers said, "Where's my camera phone? You don't see this every day."

That's my girl! She can melt even an iceberg.


opa grady said...

we are so happy that the test came back good.
but to much loving for the doctor gotta save some for opa, cant wait to see you.
love opa and oma

Mike & Ramona said...

I am so happy to hear that everything went well! This is one of the rare times in life that we want to pay a lot of money and have everything come back negative!

As to Fragile X, my cousin has this and while he is a wonderful human being and one of the sweetest, funniest people you will ever meet, there is a definite "look" to fragile X that I do not see on Katie.

Good luck with everything.

Ramona (from your CCAI Feb DTC group.)

Patricia/NYC said...

GREAT news!! Kate has been in our thoughts & prayers!

And just HOW CUTE does she look in this photo!?!

Hang in there! We're all pulling for Kate-the-Great!

Beverly said...

That is a great picture.