Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Knick-Knack Paddywhack,

...give your dog a bone.

And my daughter will steal it.

And eat it.

And mama will cheer! Little Miss Oral-Defensive is now mouthing EVERYTHING. It's a step in the right direction because we can't get her to talk more until we can touch her mouth, cheeks, tongue, palate. Six months ago, it looked bleak.

Thanks to Purina, things are looking up!



Mike & Ramona said...

Omigosh do I know what you are talking about! I cannot keep my kids away from the cat or dog food! But I am glad to hear that Kate's oral defensiveness is getting better. And hey, it doesn't seem to harm our dogs it can't be too bad for her!


kris said...

Feisty little girl, eatin' doggie biscuits! TOO funny.

Hey, what part of Fl are you in? Did I know you lived in Florida? I'm in Gainesville. Just curious.