Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thanks and More!

Thanks to all of you angels for helping us in our fundraising efforts! We have raised about $400 this weekend alone. WOWZA!

  • Thanks to Cindy, Karen & Natalie for your generous contributions to the sale. And Natalie, your secret boy band crush is safe with me. Those cd's haven't sold yet, so if you are pining for your boys, let me know. ;-)

  • Thanks to our eBay buyers.

  • Thanks to all for your enthusiasm and prayers! Someday I get to tell Addison just how much he was loved by so many people before he even officially joined the family. How cool is that?!!
The garage sale went very well. I think we'll try it one more time, as we still have some good things to sell. This past weekend was Spring Break weekend, which I thought would be a good time to have the sale, but apparently lots of families are not spending their money on flying to China and, hence, are on vacation. Who knew?!! :-)
Now, if you could all send your prayers to Kate, we would really appreciate it. She has pneumonia and has had a fever since Wednesday morning. The fever will dip down to 100 for a few hours and then go back up to 102 - 104. She's heading back to the doctor tomorrow and, although I'm sure she's fine, I'm worried about her. She's not eating, drinking very little, and just wants to be be held or lay on the floor. (And as a special bonus, Scott is sick with a fever too.) I'll keep you updated.

~The Lucky Ones

1 comment:

Karen M said...

Ok, Natalie, SPILL :) Which boy band?! (haha)

Melissa~ $400?! WOW!! That's awesome!! Keep us posted on your next big event...I'll be looking for more "good junk" to send your way.

So very sorry that Kate's no better and that Scott is sick now, too. Ugh. When it rains, right?! Hugs. Praying you don't get it, too. Love, Karen