Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Guess Who's Back at Arnold Palmer Hospital?

Yep, it's my favorite little gal, Kate.
Based on a six-day "fever of unknown origin," low white blood cell count, very low platelets, and some other irregular bloodwork, we're back in Orlando. Although the pediatrician had diagnosed her with pneumonia, the repeat chest x-ray reports that she does not have pneumonia. She also does not have the flu. This is good news, but that leaves us in the confusion of figuring out what she DOES have.

We checked in at about 6pm and I just got Kate to bed. They attempted bloodwork and an IV for FIVE hours. Three nurses, the PICU team, you name it -- they were all awesome at their job and truly felt awful about all the poking and prodding, but Kate's veins are just not cooperative in the best of times. They poked her feet, her legs, her wrist, the crooks of her arm, the top of her hand. I kept it all together until they started looking at her neck. The doctor decided to give her a break at that point.

They were able to get enough blood to run a few tests -- still came back irregular, although white blood cells were improved. Something called "lactage dehydrogenase" is WAY high, which is a concern to the pediatrician who's on duty. They've called in a pediatric hematologist to check Kate out tomorrow and we'll also attempt more bloodwork in the a.m.

They are still going to check for Hepatitus, TB, and all sorts of other stuff. The hope is that this is just a really mean "A" virus (whatever that means) and not something more sinister. The feeling is that this is a virus, but of course I am a worried mama at this point. When the doctor said, "it's probably not leukemia, but some of these blood results are a real concern," well -- I don't even have the words. I can't even go there.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE -- Say a prayer for Kate when you read this. My baby has been through SO MUCH this past few months and has really taken it on the chin. I need for her to catch a break.

Thanks for your prayers,

The Lucky Mama

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