Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Thank You!!

Thanks for the kind posts and emails about Kate, her weight and her pediatrician. We are in the process of changing ped.'s, as I do think he's stressing me out to the point where I'm stressing our daughter out.

Good news!!! Kate is eating again -- like a bird, but eating. The ear infection is gone, the teething is almost done, and our daughter is BACK!

When we have her screened by the Early Intervention folks, we're going to mention the food issue (specifically her aversion to certain textures, her need for her hands to be clean, etc), but it's nice to see her eating again.

Thanks again for all your kind thoughts!


paulapolson said...

Hi Melissa,
I met you at the FAC Chinese New Year lunch. Kina has been receiving OT and speech services through Early Steps and is doing well. Sounds like Kate is tactile defensive when it comes to food. No doubt left over from the orphanage and lack of exposure to foods. Hope things go well during your assessment.

Paula Polson
Mom to Kina

paulapolson said...
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