Friday, May 05, 2006

Bad Mother Starves Child, Film at 11

Many of you know that Kate has been having issues with eating. Issues as in, not eating anything or eating 300 calories a day.

As of the other day, Kate was down to 20 pounds (roughly the 2nd percentile on the growth charts). See her little rib cage:

We've tried everything under the sun, including:

  • setting food out around the house
  • bribing her with cookies and ice cream
  • going out to a restaurant (which used to be where she'd have her biggest meals)
  • giving her small meals throughout the day (these were equally rejected and thrown on the floor or on me)
  • hiding little snacks (like crackers) in her toybox because I saw her eat something out of her toybox once
  • feeding her straight butter (this works a little bit, sometimes)
  • and everything else you could think of


The pediatrician has told me over and over again that she needs to gain weight. Um, really??? Well, that clears things up. You mean my 22 month old daughter shouldn't be wearing 6 month clothing??!!! Huh, who knew?

HELLO....?!!! I know she NEEDS to gain weight. What I want and need to know is:
1. How to make that happen
& / or
2. What is causing her to refuse food / drink

Well, leave it to his lovely, intelligent and compassionate assistant to figure it out (we think):

  • When a little one has a persistent ear infection that has come and gone for four months and;
  • When a little one has taken three antibiotics and still can't get rid of the ear infection and;
  • When a little one has three of her 2-year molars coming in and;
  • When said little one is already a bit of a finicky eater,

And did she intimate that any of this was my fault, like the pediatrician did? Nope. In fact, she reassured me that I was doing a great job and that sometimes these things happen. Getting her better should fix the weight problem. So there, Mr. Know-It-All-Pediatrician who makes me feel incompetent. After our follow-up appointment in two weeks, Kate and I are heading elsewhere.

Oh, and on the ear infection front: Kate just finished a three-day round of injectible antibiotics. Already at 22 months, she's at the strongest antibiotic they have. Good news is, it's working. Bad news is, she's more likely to become resistant to that one and then there's nowhere to go but to a specialist.

One day at a time!


Leigh said...

Hi,hope you do not mind me writing to you. I have followed your journey along with many others thru the Yahoo sites and have checked your blog a few times since your return. I am a mom to two "lovebugs" from China "Maoming SWI, Guongdong and Guilin SWI, Guangxi. The food issue, in my opinion Kate will eat when she is hungry. So long as you are getting her formula or some other nutrious drink in her and any other fluids she will be fine for a time. Our Julia eats nothing (everything is a fight) and we adopted her at 2.3 yrs old. Mindyou if she had her way she would eat candy 24/7. She just turned 5, weighs 37lbs and is 43" tall, her ribs stick out and I cannot find pants to fit her. Thru the winter she was still wearing some 3T pants and 4T uppers. I do feel for you it is so frustrating. I pump Julia with vitamins also, not sure if it is helping her but it makes me feel better.
Your Pediatrician sounds like this his bedside manner could use an attitude adjustment. They should not be comparing Kate with American growth charts. If you were to use a Chinese/Asian growth chart she is probably not that far off. Lets face it, it's not very often we see plump or overweight asian folk. They are generally alot smaller in build.
Hopefully once Kate feels better she will make a big turn around for you.
Kate is adorable, best of wishes and good luck.
Leigh Oppelt
ps - my girls are Angela who is now 9yrs and Julia now 5 yrs.
We live in PA.

Caroline said...


I have a wonderful pediatrician in Melbourne who I can recommend. I don't know who you are seeing, but my son's pediatrician is very supportive. I will email you in the APC group emails.

Also, I was told that there are different growth charts for American children versus Chinese children. Maybe that can be found online somewhere.

Good luck,

LID - 1/23/2006