Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Happy at Home (Well, mostly happy....!)

After late flights, delayed flights and having to reschedule flights, Scott, Kate and Melissa arrived home safe (if not sound) Sunday night, near midnight. The flights were, well -- they were AWFUL. Kate was fussy and the flight attendants did not want Melissa walking around with her -- THANKS FOR NOTHING, Continental Airlines. As a result, Kate cried for hours and the rest of the passengers whimpered in their own private hell.

The good news is that we are home and happy. Kate is still on China time, so she and Mommy have not been getting to sleep until 6am the past two days. Kate seems okay with it, but mama's getting pretty cranky. We're hoping that tonight will be better.

Papa went back to work today, so he looks pretty rested. :-) Actually, all three of us were sick on the flights and afterwards, but seem to be doing pretty well now.

Kate LOVES her dogs, especially Gracie. Gracie likes her okay, and Cassie hasn't really paid much attention to her. Kate also loves her room (thanks Grandpa for the beautiful floor), her toys (thank you EVERYONE), and thankfully -- her carseat (thanks GANG).

And, now, some pictures for your viewing entertainment:

Kate HaiYang Braun -- New American Citizen

Proud Grandmothers

Kate's reaction to Mama asking her to go to sleep early tonight
I don't think so, silly mama!


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that you are all home safe and sound. Sorry about the delays, but you are home now, and that's what matters. Kate, I absolutely love your hat. You look so cute. Loved the pictures of you with your grandmas. I bet they are so excited to see you, that they could just eat you.

Love, Aunt Dorothy

Patricia/NYC said...

WElcome Home, Melissa, Scott & Kate the Great!! If it makes you feel any better, Kiara & I have been up at 5am with barely any sleep during the night also! Kiara thinks night is day & day is night...cranky doesn't even begin to describe the way mommy feels! lol!

The pictures of Kate are priceless! SHe is so sweet! And it was so WONDERFUL to finally meet you in Guangzhou!

Glad to hear you're all home safe & sound!

Keep in touch!!
(& Frank & Kiara too...aka Kikalu)

Gayle Holt said...

Welcome home Scott, Melissa and Kate. I can only imagine how tired you all must be and yet how exilerated - to have Kate - and to be home at long last.

Kate is so beautiful and know you have a world of fun and excitement ahead of you. Enjoy every moment - at it goes by way to quickly.

I am sooooooo happy for you all.

I love you all,
Aunt Gayle