Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to My Daddy!

On your birthday, I want to thank you for some of what you have given to me:

Thank you for
Saturday mornings together
Dunkin Donuts
hardware store visits
letting me buy that dolly after I saved my allowance for the whole day
teaching me to ride a bike
showing me how to make a fist
opening the door so I could show that bully my fighting fists
never allowing me to talk disrespectfully about mom
showing me how to pray as a child
always keeping me in your prayers
the dogs
the cats
the lizards
the birds
the endless trips to pet stores
respecting my viewpoints
sticking up for me to your parents
sharing banana splits
watching me walk to school
schooling me in the art of poker
and boxing
and country music
all your stories about life learned the hard way
all your jokes that always made me laugh

Thank you
for your love
unending support.
I am lucky to be your daughter.
I am blessed to be your friend.

You are my first and forever love, Daddy.

Your babydoll,


PS: Can't wait to see you in January!!!! Kate sends birthday wishes to her Opa and Scott sends his birthday wishes too. We all love you!


Anonymous said...

With tears in my eyes,I LOVE YOU>

Anonymous said...


Karen M said...

That was SO SWEET!! What a beautiful gift to your dad. He sounds like a great man :)

Mike, Hayley & Piper said...


You guys are so sweet!


Stefanie said...

What an amazing relationship you guys had and still have :) Those wonderful memories are a true gift...

NOW, what is new with you guys!?! Any news on Addison lately?

Anonymous said...

May I add my happy birthday wishes to you Mark. You always were and still are a wonderful father to our daughter!