Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas, CT Scans, Pneumonia - OH MY!

Here's a quick rundown on the holidays and after. Kate currently has pneumonia and is pretty much velcroed to me, so typing time is limited. By the way, the pics are all from Christmastime -- meaning that they might not match the exact date.

CHRISTMAS EVE - Family Church Service that was absolutely incredible.

The Children's Ministry ran the show and it was a show. They had a Johnny Carson style tv show and interviewed key Christmas characters who talked about how their "role" in the holiday was to honor the baby Jesus. Very sweet and well-done. Kate was too young to "get it" but it gave me so many ideas of how to explain things each year.

When Santa showed up, kids stood on their seats and shouted out, "Hey Santa! Hey, hey, it's me." One kid piped up with "I been real good Santa." Too funny!

At the end of the service, all kids were invited up to sing and hold their glow stick candles to represent the gift of Jesus which is the "light in our hearts." Kate threw her glow stick down and picked up the gymnast ribbon that they had used in an earlier performance and communed with Jesus in her own Kate way. Then she picked her nose.


Gifts galore, but the highlight was being with Kate, Scott and my folks. Kate's favorite gift? A singing Eeyore whose batteries we've already had to replace.

My favorite part of the day was enjoying Kate but also thinking about next year, when there would be TWO little kiddos making the holiday merry. Addison even got a t-shirt that says "Little Guy" on it and Scott got one that said "Big Guy." So sweet. Thanks, Mom!

Kate LOVES her cousin, Sebastian! Sebastian loves her too, but is not so into the pda (public displays of affection)....

DEC. 26th
My mom goes into the hospital with atrial fibrillation. She was having some real shortness of breath while she was here, but we all attributed it to the lovely red tide we're experiencing combined with allergies. On Christmas she mentioned that she has what her dog has, which is congestive heart failure. She says it rather tongue-in-cheek, so I was very surprised when she called me from the hospital. Thankfully, she was discharged yesterday and is getting appropriate treatment.

DEC. 27th
Kate goes in for a long-awaited CT scan to make sure that the "growth plates" in her head have not prematurely closed. We also have one vial of bloodwork scheduled whie she's sedated. The CT procedure was no problem. We were done in 35 minutes, including getting Kate sedated. The bloodwork? T-H-R-E-E flippin' hours of us restraining Kate (once the needle went in, the sedation went away), calling in the IV team, using warm compresses. We needed a measley 4 cc's of blood. After three hours, we had 2.5 and called it quits. They sent it in (to test for Fragile X syndrome) but don't think it will be enough. Poor baby is all bruised up.

DEC. 28th
Kate goes in for an EEG to rule out absent seizures. The tech. tries to convince me that she can get Kate to cooperate. I got with the program but thought "are you KIDDING me???" After all, Kate won't let me even put a barrette in her hair and this woman who doesn't know my child thinks she'll tolerate all these leads and wires and goo?
After 30 minutes of coaxing and Kate getting repeatedly anxious, we did it my way: I restrained her and we just got it over with. I will say that when they did the flashing lights that Kate stopped crying and was fascinated. Results on Wednesday!

DEC. 29th
Kate wakes up with a fever that goes to 104. Poor, poor baby.

DEC. 31st
Kate diagnosed with pneumonia, but it did take the pediatrician a while to make that diagnosis because whatever she was trying to hear was very faint. Since Kate hasn't been on antibiotics in nearly a year, I'm really hoping they do the trick quickly.

Despite a crazy week, the holidays were still fantastic as was the entire year. We are blessed beyond measure and hope that 2008 brings you as much joy as 2007 has brought us.


Barbie said...

Oh, poor Melissa! I will be watching closely for good results.

I am glad to hear you still had a wonderful Christmas!

Karen M said...

Gosh! So much going on. Glad your mom is better and out of the hospital. Hope you get good news on all of Kate's testing and really hope she's feeling much better by now on the antibiotics!