Friday, September 30, 2005

Updates, Consulate Appointments, Possible Travel Plans!!!!

Hooray, says Kate! What a day it's been! We received our U.S. Consulate appointment for November 3rd, which means we'll probably leave the States on or around October 20th. Boy (or girl!), have we got a lot to do.

As if that wasn't enough, look at the update we came home to!

These pictures are from MONDAY!!! She was 15 months and 1 day old. Here are her vital stats:

Height: 28.74 inches
Weight: 18.74 pounds
She's sleeping in a crib next to her foster parents' bed. She is standing, walking, speaking and imitating words. She has eight teeth and, in this lucky mama's estimation, a variation of the mohawk!!!

It's so nice to see her without 15 layers of clothing. Looks like the 12 month clothing we have packed for her will do just fine. We can't believe how much we can miss someone we have never truly met. Our hearts are bursting!


Scott & Melissa
aka, The Lucky Ones


Mom said...

I just love it ... What a little cutie! Looks like she is perfectly capable of giving you two a real run for your money. Maybe I'll get to spend my birthday with our little angel!

Kay said...

I've always called this hairdo a sandspur! I love the shoes!! She is beautiful!

Diane said...

I was so happy to hear about this site....she is adorable. I too love the shoes! We are so happy and excited for all three of you! I will continue to check the site for future updates. We will keep you all in our prayers as you travel to and from China.
God Bless Kate!