Sunday, September 11, 2005

Kate's Care Package

What fun we had today, as we assembled Kate's first care package! Our agency told us we had to limit our package to a regular-sized shoe box and we crammed it full!

Above: Kate's care package, empty
Her chinese name, HaiYang, is spelled out in ladybug stickers!
Above her name is the phrase "We love you."
Below her name it says "Hugs and Kisses, My Angel."

Here's what we included:
~Soft photo album with family pics
~Musical nursery-rhyme fun toy (after I took it away from Papa)
~Pink blanket I've been sleeping with for a few weeks
~Rattle with a plush puppy on one end
~Lipstick and Clinique lotion for foster mother
~Hershey kisses (popular item to send, I've heard) for foster mother
~2 disposable cameras we hope will be used to take pics of Kate-the-Great
~A long list of questions we're hoping the orphanage director / foster family will be kind enough to answer
A special xie xie ni to Kristen Hu, our translator, a former student and current friend of Melissa's, who is here from China to study (and hopefully to stay)!
Who says it doesn't pay to have big feet?!!

The first two pages of Kate's soft picture book. The center note, which you can't really make out clearly, has the chinese character and English word "Family."


Thank you, everyone, for your sweet comments and congratulations. We didn't think we could be any happier until we get our daughter, but your thoughtfulness proved us wrong. Sharing this joy increases it tenfold.

Xie Xie! (Thank you!)

~The Lucky Ones

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Mom said...

Wish I could be a little mouse in that package so I could see her face when she sees all the neat stuff you are sending her. You guys will be such great parents!