Monday, July 25, 2005

Why China?

Many have asked us why we are choosing to adopt from China, which is a reasonable question. I have yet to find the answer that encompasses everything that led us to where we are now, but here are a few explanations....

Why China?
Because that’s where our daughter is…. I feel her breath on the whisper of the wind, I hear her cry in my dreams, I see her twinkle in every child’s eyes. The years of infertility have led me to believe, as sure as I know that my life is blessed, that our daughter is waiting for us somewhere in China.

Why China?
There are far too many children in Chinese orphanages and there are empty spaces in our hearts and home.

Why China?
China instituted a one-child policy to attempt to deal with overpopulation issues, which has resulted in crowded orphanages. The situation is entirely too complicated for me to give a simplistic answer, but I have no doubt that China loves her children and part of that love is demonstrated in trying to find homes for the little ones left behind.

Why not America?
An answer from author Terry Garlock:
My hope is that some day our foster care train wreck and imperfect laws will be cleaned up so families who want a child and children who need a home have a better chance of finding one another, right here in the US. Until that happens, a growing number of American families will reach across national boundaries to adopt because they don’t want problems, they just want a child.

And our answer:
We just want a child and feel we've been called to China, where our daughter waits for us.


Melissa & Scott

The Lucky Ones


Anonymous said...

Hi Scott

This is Teresa from the Green Turtle and I want to congratulate both of you for this big step you are taking. I believe this girl will bring you hapiness. Once again congratulations.


Kyle said...
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Kyle said...

You have to keep this up after you get Kate. Then, it will be cool! You could be all over the news for blogging about adopting. Good stuff...

cgowifey said...

Very Excited about the new adventure in parenting that you are now going to enter. We are all excited for you and wish you all the best. Welcome to Kate

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Melissa and Scott! So glad to hear that your dream will soon be fulfilled! She is beautiful! Congratulations,
Donna Jolly(Muschitz)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to some special people. After reading all your notes and looking at pictures of beautiful Kate - I know that Kate has some very special parents who will love her to pieces.
Enjoy each day.
From Dorothy Holland (sister of Bernie Schaard)