Monday, February 09, 2009

Puppy Love

Meet Rosie.
She's small, she doesn't bark, and had only peed on our floor twice. It's all good - Kate has too.

Seriously, though, she's just perfect for our family. Thank you, Jessica, for giving your sweet girl to our family. The kids are head-over-heels in love with her and Rosie has been so gentle with them. She's adjusting very nicely and has barked maybe five times in the past week.

Below -- the kids hear that there is a puppy coming, Kate squeals with delight, and Addison finds a new buddy:

**** On a very sad note, Melissa's computer has died. It was a slow death, with one fan dying, then the next, and then the black screen of death. I was waiting for tax return money to fix the fans. Now it is going to cost a LOT more to fix. Sigh....


kris said...

that is one very sweet puppy!! i love how excited the kids are- !! i remember that when i was young too :O) the joy of a puppy is the best!!

Diane Casey said...

She's adorable! We gave Jenn a puppy this past weekend also! Combination past due ordination gift and birthday gift. She pupy is Sadie, a cock a poo. Hope things aer going well for you all.
We miss you!
Love, Diane (senior cousin!)

The Lewises said...

Congrats on your newest family member! How precious, and how great for the kids!! Sorry to hear of the passing of your computer, Melissa. That sure stinks. Caroline