Thursday, January 01, 2009

Notes to Self

  • Just because the kids go to bed late does NOT mean they will sleep late. In fact, they won't. They will wake up early and be extremely crabby by 9am, if history proves to be any indicator.

  • Telling kids that fireworks are nothing to be afraid of *might* help them not to be afraid, but will not necessarily help them to sleep through them. At least not in Kate's case, who kept signing "hot" and then "work." It took me a while to understand that this was how she was signing fireworks. Very funny.

  • Putting a Winnie the Pooh movie on in the early a.m., in an attempt to grab a bit of shut eye (since I stayed awake until 2am so I could wish my hubby a Happy New Year after he got home from work), is futile. One of my children, who shall remain nameless (k@te!) does not simply watch a movie. She experiences it, as do I -- through her nails clawing into me when she's scared or her contagious laughter right into my face when something is funny.

  • Being tired passes, but these memories hopefully never will. And when the 9am crabbiness rolls around, I plan on bribing them with whatever keeps them relatively happy until naptime (some playtime outside, crackers for Kate, KungFu Panda for Addison). If all that fails, there is always a mimosa for mama. ;-)

    Pics from Christmas and a post about our beautiful kiddos coming soon. Happy New Year to all!

    The Lucky Ones

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