Sunday, February 10, 2008

China Weather Update

Addison's orphanage is in a city that was one of the hardest hit by the weather crisis, but thanks to the wonderful organization, Half the Sky, they received funds to purchase heaters, diapers and other needed items to get through this difficult time. It means the world to know that our son is the recipient of so much love.

That's the really neat thing about adoption: It involves so many people who love our children before they can come home to us. With Kate, we believe she had a birth mother who loved her, we know she had a foster mother who loved her and nannies that adored her.

With Addison, we have pictures of him with his foster mother, with a volunteer in the hospital when he had his heart surgery -- we know he is deeply loved. I really believe that the gifts of love he is receiving now is what God has planned for him before we can love him in person. I guess that's why I'm okay with the waiting.

Anyway, thanks for your prayers for the Chinese orphanages. They are still struggling and Half the Sky continues to do what it can to provide them with what they need.


sweet-P's Mum said...

I am so happy HTS is working with Addisons SWI! WE convinced LWB to take on Paisley's SWI and we raised enought money in 2 days to pay for 6 heaters and bulk formula!!

We can rest assured our babes are warm and have full tummies.

LEts just go get 'em!!!!


Danielle said...

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