Monday, October 22, 2007

A Beautiful Day in China!

Chloe is with her forever family now and what a GREAT day they had. Go check it out at

A preview of the pics:

God is good!


Karen M said...

I know Cindy and Russ will really love seeing those video clips of Abigail... that was such a sweet idea! (That was by FAR the hardest part of being in China... being there without my other children this last time.) Thank goodness for webcams!

Grandma Judi said...

Welcome to Chloe! Love the videos of Abigail and, of course, the pics of Chloe with her Mommy and Daddy. Am I just being silly or does anyone else agree that Chloe looks like Russ in the picture of the two of them??? Look at the smile, face shape and even the eyes!

Linette said...

I found your blog thru someone else and we are friends' of Russ and Cindy as well! We used to live in Florida and we really miss them all. I'm so thrilled Chloe is with them now. The video of Abigail made my day!