Monday, August 06, 2007

Important Meeting!

Tomorrow, Kate's godmother and I will be speaking with our pastor about starting a Foster, Orphan & Adoption Ministry at the church.

Our goals are as follows:

  • Coordinate 5th Sunday Efforts (our church raises money for the Methodist children's home)
  • Raise awareness about foster children & orphans
  • Educate the congregation about what the Bible says about adoption and taking care of orphans
  • Assist people in prayerfully considering becoming foster / adoptive parents
  • Aid families on their path to adoption (support system, helping to organize fundraising, etc.)

Our motivation...

Both of us have already adopted once and are currently in the process of adopting #2 -- both children with special needs. Of course the fundraising aspect is daunting, so that's where it started. The more we researched and learned, the more we realized how often people dismiss the idea of adoption -- especially special needs adoption --because they are not well-informed, they think that they are alone, etc. We feel called to opening the door for people to consider their role in the lives of children of the world.

Does this mean that everyone should adopt, fund adoptions, etc.? No. But we want to provide an avenue for people to explore, reflect, consider.

Does this mean we adopt in order to save our children? No. We didn't adopt to "save" anyone -- except maybe ourselves. We adopt because we want a family and we know, without a doubt, that we (the parents) get the best part of the deal. Adopting our children and parenting them is our greatest privilege.

That being said, however, I will say this: I truly believe that adoption saved Kate from a life of potential abuse, neglect and discouragement -- not at the hands of the beautiful nannies at the orphanage, but as a nonverbal adult someday. And I feel the same way about Addison. When we saw him, he was on the THIRD agency list -- very likely not to be placed if he wasn't chosen this time around. He would very likely be considered "unadoptable." (And you know what? I didn't know that until later. I just knew that I loved him and that we could care for his needs.)

A Great Resource:

Here's a great book I read over the weekend if you are considering approaching your church about starting a ministry. I highly recommend it!

Adoption as a Ministry, Adoption as a Blessing by Michelle Gardner

I will say that the authors have a few beliefs that I am not in accordance with, such as believing that those who have not claimed Jesus as their personal saviour not being allowed into heaven. My beliefs just don't fit with that, but the author and her family are amazing people who have certainly listened for their God to speak to them and tried hard to follow through on that calling.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we approach our pastor. We know that she already has a lot on her plate, but we've worked hard at coming up with a plan that needs her blessing but not her labor. We have a PowerPoint, handouts and a positive attitude.

I'll keep you updated!


Mike, Hayley & Piper said...

Good Luck guys, we just recieved the information from Shaohannahs hope about talking to our church, we feel guided to do this as well. We have a mixed bag of beliefs in our family and we try to honor them all, so I get where you are coming from.

Your path is one of honor and truth, I hope it is sucessful.

amen & om!

Patricia/NYC said...

How did the meeting go?? Thinking of you & wishing you the best of luck with this wonderful mission!
You guys seriously ROCK!!


Karen M said...

Hope your proposal was met with enthusiasm and support. Can't wait to hear more.