Friday, February 09, 2007

A Few Letters


Dear Auntie Dorothy,

Thank you so much for the check. In the card it said that mommy should use the money to buy me chocolate and bubble gum. Well, I clearly told mama that I wanted candy by using the sign for it, which is using my pointer finger to make a dimple in my cheek. I know this sign so well that I've been known to leave a bruise on my own face trying to get these people around here to hand over the sugar.

Anyway, I asked mama for candy and she told me "later." Can you imagine? Later?!!! What the heck does that word mean?

Really, I was forced to take matters into my own hands and, if you think about it, it's their fault. Daddy left his m&m's in my snack container and then put it onto the counter that he keeps thinking I can't reach. Their ignorance is my bliss.

So I ate daddy's m&m's. All of them. And I still have your check to buy more.

Auntie Dorothy, you rock!

Your comrade in chocolate,
PS: I'm sorry for the belated thank you. With a double ear-infection, I've been laying on mama pretty much non-stop which has kept her from my secretarial tasks.

Um, I don't think these are pajama bottoms

Dear Daddy,

Don't get me wrong - I like that the top and bottoms match, but I'm pretty sure that tights are for daytime, not for sleeping. However, if you give me what I'm asking for in these pictures, I won't tell mommy. (FYI: In the first pic, Kate is signing "more" and in the second, "cracker.")


Your Favorite Girl

PS: These actually made for comfy sleeping. Who knew?!!

The Superbowl

Dear Rex Grossman,

You suck.


A Former Fan

Oh well, only 2 months until the Cubs' Home Opener....

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Melissa said...

she looks MUCH happier than the previous post. She's a trooper !!