Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas from Michigan!

We're leaving Michigan tomorrow with Scott's folks for the very long drive back to Florida but wanted to share a few pics before we leave. It has been a wonderful holiday despite Kate having a cold and there being no snow in Lake Fenton. Actually, there are a few flurries falling as I write this, so I'm hoping there will be just enough for Kate to see before going to bed tonight.

Thus far, Kate seems less than impressed with the cold weather -- especially having to wear a bulky coat. Christmas and all its trimmings, on the other hand, have made our little monkey very, very happy. So, was she impressed by the new Tickle Me Elmo, the dress-me Dora, the books, cd's, clothes, etc.? Nope, not really. What she really liked the most, and in this order:

1. Unwrapping the gifts (hers and anyone else who would let her help) and she was as serious about it as a bomb squad defusing a big one.

2. Candy!!!! (the pic with the bag of M&M's shows her making the sign for "candy" -- which she has repeated every time we sit down for a meal. It's all she wants, unless there are cookies nearby.)

3. The 8-pack of crayons, which she insisted on taking to bed (we took the crayons out first, which she fussed about but eventually accepted).

Enjoy the pics and say a prayer for a safe and uneventful (well, as uneventful as anything can be with my father-in-law involved) trip to Florida.

We're looking forward to celebrating Christmas with Oma and Opa (Melissa's dad and his wife) when we return and have already celebrated with the Florida grandparents (Melissa's mom and stepdad). Kate has been truly spoiled, and she's likes to remind us on a daily basis that she expects us to keep up the royal treatment. Wait until she gets back home and discovers that we've replaced her beloved crib with the toddler bed. We're blaming Santa.

The Lucky Ones
Scott, Melissa & Kate


Patricia/NYC said...

Merry Christmas, Melissa, Scott & Kate! Love the slide show! Looks like you all had a very merry!

We think of you often & wish you ALL THE BEST in the coming new year!
Patricia, Frank & Kiara/NYC

Stefanie said...

So good to see you posting again!! Looks like Kate had a very merry Christmas! Hope to see lots more of you guys and that precious baby in the new year :)