Monday, April 24, 2006

Welcome to the World, Corbin!

Here is Kate's newest boyfriend,
Corbin James:
Corbin was born yesterday, 4/27/06 at 1:23 pm and he's absolutely perfect! (Does he look like a surfer boy with that blonde hair, or what?!!) Besides wanting to brag on my new "nephew," Corbin has family that's far away and is sooooo wanting to see his sweet face. Kate thought we should show him off on her website.
I'll add more pics / video in the next couple of days, since my battery died during our visit. Mom and Dad are proud, happy and doing well. Look at that pride in their faces (and a bit of tiredness, too!).

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Tonia said...

What a Cutie!!!!!!! Love, love, LOVE his name.